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The Friendly Confines of...

Wrigley Field

Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs is a baseball palace. People come from all over to see a game at the so-called 'Friendly Confines' of Wrigley Field. Its charm exceeds its true utility as a major league baseball park. She pales in comparison to the ergonomic and economic advantages of the modern ballparks coming online each year. The facilities are frankly subpar and in fair to poor shape.  But there is a magic, intangible energy that transcends all to make for a near-religious baseball experience.


1060 W. Addison StreetWrigley Field
Chicago, IL 60613
Phone: (773)404-CUBS


Distances from plate:

Left field - 355 feet

Left-center - 368 feet

Center field - 400 feet

Right-center - 368 feet

Right field - 353 feet

Plate screen - 60.5 feet


Height of wall:

Bleachers - 11.5 feet

In corners - 15.0 feet


Seating capacity:


Planning Your Game

Given the demand for Cubs tickets, and the logistics around getting to the game and the cost of taking in a major league baseball game, its probably best to plan ahead. Below are links to pages you can use to plan your game along with tips and hints on how to best enjoy your Wrigley Field outing.

Navigating Wrigleyville Like a Pro
Getting Tickets Parking Tips
Travel to Chicago  Maps & Directions

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