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Cubs Parking Tips

Well, there is no easy answer to the parking situation in Wrigleyville. Street parking is pretty much unavailable for anywhere within a mile or two of the park. If you don’t mind walking, you can sometimes find street parking on Clark Street well before game time a few blocks North of Irving Park Rd. Park, walk toward the park, stop for lunch at a fine Wrigleyville establishment, then enjoy the game.

The ‘official’ Cubs lots are very small so get there 3-4 hours before game time to try for one of those spaces on week days and forget it on night games and weekends!

Wrigley Field parkingAnother alternative that is particularly attractive for those who like to know where they are going in advance is to pre-buy your parking at These lots are a short walk from Wrigley which is nice because they are just outside the immediate ballpark area so you can hop in your car and pretty much drive away without the crush of local traffic. Advantages are 1) a fixed cost, and 2) a sure thing, secure place to park, and 3) easy out after the game.

You will see neighbors waving you into their back-alley personal parking spots for about $30-50 per space. Personally, I don’t even consider this option. You really have no idea who the person is who is waving you in and taking your money. They might not even live there or perhaps have no rights to sell that spot to you for the day! I would steer clear.

There are some private lots along Clark Street that are ok, but you pay $25+ and can pretty much bank on having your car land-locked by four others so you have to wait for pretty much every last car owner to be present (and sober enough to drive) to extract your car from this virtual automobile Tetris game.

My personal favorite option when I drive is to park in the large McDonalds parking lot right on Clark & Addison directly across from the main gate at Wrigley. At about $25 per car, they tend to be less than many other private lots further away from the park and always seem to have room for one more (see photo at right). Plus, there are several exits and a pretty good layout when its time to leave.

McDonalds Parking
McDonalds parking at Clark & Addison Streets - Shown here 30 minutes before game time with plenty of room!

For the budget minded, the CTA offers remote parking lots with shuttle bus service to the park for $6 per vehicle (including parking). However, this can be a long and tedious process as the buses are stuck in the same peak traffic as most fans – plus you park miles away from Wrigley. Still, can’t beat the price if you’re on a strict budget.

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