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Concerts at Wrigley Field

Dave Matthews Band

with Jason Mraz

The 2010 Wrigley Field Concert Series

Historic Wrigley Field will host select concerts again this year. On September 17 & 18, 2010, the Wrigley Field Concert Series presents the Dave Matthews Band with Jason Mraz in concert. I saw one of the Billy Joel-Elton John shows at Wrigley last summer and would say it was a real experience. In a way, it was an odd clash of worlds for me, seeing a rock show in the cathedral of baseball that is Wrigley. But I would say the concert experience was a very good one, featuring good sound, good visuals with excellent stage production and giant video screens on either side of the center field stage.

Elton John & Billy Joel at Wrigley Field

As the sun faded and night fell, the feeling of baseball in the air gave way to that of a big league concert. The vibe was good, music was loud but clear, and for a minute I even forgot I was sitting in the front row of the upper deck behind first base. A rather frightening moment took place toward the end of Elton John's set when he broke into 'Crocodile Rock' and all the baby boomers around me leaped to their feet to jump and dance along with the song. Strange thing was, I could feel - actually feel - the upper deck of Wrigley swaying back and forth! I stayed in my seat, enjoying the song, and no I wasn't drinking at all, but I wondered if we were having an earthquake. Only the earth was quaking to the rhythm of Crocodile Rock. Very unsettling. I wanted the song to end before the 80 year old (upper deck was built in 1927) upper deck pancaked down onto the unsuspecting lower deck concertgoers! Yes, that's a little dramatic, but it sure felt that way at the time. But I digress...

Best seats for a concert at Wrigley are probably on the field, but I was not at all disappointed with my upper deck row 1 seats. My veiw was unobstructed even for my peripheral vision, looking straight ahead at the stage in front of me on the field. If you are a big fan of DMB or opening act Jason Mraz, you might consider using a legit ticket broker to get the exact seats you want:

Billy Joel & Elton John at Wrigley Field
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I'll also say there were clearly more limousines per-capita at the Billy-Elton concert than any Cubs game I had ever seen. Really, it's not a bad way to make it a big night - no parking hassles! Check out LimoStars for special concert deals.

Now if you're not so sure about Dave Matthews or Jason Mraz, you can hear/get their music here:

 Dave Matthews Band: Amazon | iTunes

Jason Mraz: Amazon | iTunes

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